Friday, January 18, 2013

6 weeks

6 weeks... It has been six weeks since we moved in to the ranch.

I have so much to get done still! I looked around and realized I had taken a vacation from unpacking and oh there is much to get accomplished yet! We have started a list of "SPRING/SUMMER TO DO'S" things like wrapping pipes, finding a way to limit ice dams on the roof, protecting the walkway between the well house and generator from snow/ice... the list is growing as we see things that need attention.

This weekend my attention goes to getting things in order in the house. I still have a bathroom that hasn't been unpacked. Maintenance cleaning in the living room (dusting has to happen just about every day or you have a problem) Kitchen is in need of tidying and some reorganizing as some arrangements for pots and pans isn't working so well.

I am looking forward to spring... I know we need another eight weeks of winter and another 6 feet of snow and so I will be patient.

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