Thursday, January 10, 2013

What a Month!

December 7th we started the move... my husband grabbed a friend and the kids and I and we loaded the truck and trailer and off we went... we get to the new place and unload. My husband goes back to the old place to finish packing and get the old place cleaned up and bring the last load up to the ranch. It was suppose to be 2 days... ended up being 4... I was close to a melt down by the time he finally got back. But when he got here he had help and all our stuff.

While I was waiting for him, the kids and I played and I did a LOT of cleaning... there is 30 years of a 2 pack a day smoker smoke on the walls along with layers of dust in all the high and hidden places and the doom room that I will be attacking later... I started in the kitchen. General household cleaning products were not working... and then when David arrived he brought a cleaner that is BOMB DIGGITY...

Dirty Jobs cut through the layers of tar, smoke and dust like it was nothing. My cleaning got so much easier with this stuff!

I don't suppose it ecology friendly but sure does what it is suppose to do and after days of trying to clean and getting little progress I didn't care. It cut through the grime and it got it pretty and that is what I needed. There is so much more to do but now that the holidays and January birthdays are over I can get back to it.

The move, a cleaning, 10 days after we moved our first little storm and then a HUGE storm that brought 2 feet of snow and for days it snowed every day... a bit of craziness. It snowed again last night another 4 inches. This is the most snow we have had up here about 10 years and of course it comes our first month here...

Right now we have decided that we are just going to muddle through the winter the best we can and try not to worry too much about getting things perfect...survival... staying warm and dry and hanging in until spring gets here... then we will get to work and do what we have to do to make this work!

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