Monday, November 12, 2012

Alarm Clocks and Bedtimes

4 weeks and we are in our new home... one of the things I realized this week is that with my youngest daughter not being in school (homeschooling now) our schedules are so much different. We don't use the alarm clock any more and bedtimes aren't written in stone. We are all listening to our body clocks and what a difference it is making in the cheerfulness of the kids.

Most days the baby wakes up at daybreak and the rest of us follow within the hour. There is generally a nap late in the afternoon for the kids. They seem to crash about 4:30-5pm and sleep for an hour or so. You would think that would have them up all night but they are still asleep around 9pm. Right now we have electricity and lights/tv's are on until 9. I think as we transition over to not have electricity available on demand it will change the sleep habits again.

Prior to Edison and Tesla "lighting the homes of America" life was lived according to the rising and setting of the sun... I see that that will be part of our lives. I just wonder if our natural body clocks are geared for it or if we will find we are battling body clocks with the sun's clock?

I also wonder about the long winter evenings and what we will do without the electricity we are use to... if we aren't watching TV, what are we doing?

Singing, Reading, Talking! Crafting, Growing, Cooking! Living, Loving, Laughing! It will be awesome!

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