Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanks Giving

I was musing this morning... usually rather high on my list of thankful for is electricity. There is a power in knowing you have lights at the flip of a switch or you can bring some device to life by pushing a button. I am pretty reliant on electricity. My husband and I were talking about this... from the moment I wake up- I turn on the light in our room, the automatic coffee maker has been hard at work making my coffee so it is ready when I crawl out of bed, as I pass my computer headed for the coffee maker I turn it on, shortly after I am awake the children wake up and they are turning on lights and the television. How different things will be when we move...
 With the move, we will be stumbling in the dark to the kitchen, where we can light the propane light before we are yet awake, stir up the wood stove, then set the percolator on the wood stove to get our coffee going. When the kids wake up there will be no Sesame Street to turn on. Instead we will be doing what needs to be done to get the day moving. A bit different start to the day than what we do now. We do have electricity there, but it is supplied by a generator and at 4+ dollars a gallon to run the generator I will be stingy with when we run it. The plan is for about 3 hours a day, in the evening. The shorter days of winter may affect that and then the long days of summer may flip things around too. We will have to see how it all works out.

I will still be thankful for electricity, it is a nice little thing to have available. I do see how our reliance on it as a nation is really over the top and I am looking forward to taking myself off the grid and really reducing my carbon footstep not to mention making our family even less reliant on the world around us and reliant on God and each other...

May the Lords Blessings be on each of you!

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