Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moving Day Preperation

As I was looking about I realized that many items in my kitchen will be not joining us in our new adventure... 

No coffee maker, no toaster, no electric can opener, microwave, electric skillet, George Foreman grill...
These things will all be re-homed with my Sister-in-Law but it will be odd to not be packing them and getting them ready for the move.

It is also going to be different to be in our new home without these things... on a forum I had mentioned the dependence city folk have on consumer  convenience items... I realized as I was taking inventory just how dependent I am on consumer convenience items. I do not go through a single day with out some reliance on a product of convenience. That will mean some shocks to the system as I make this move and realize some of the things that I have lost that I don't want to lose. 

Curling iron, hair dryer, hair straightener, clothes iron, electric alarm clock, electric CD player/radio....

But of all the electrical items I will miss most it will be my freezer...I will be looking at ways to build a efficient freezer that does not require an energy source.

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