Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Four Year Plan

Four Year Plan

First Year
Rainwater capture system
Large Pond/Reservoir Development
Koi Pond and small waterwheel development
Children's Play Area
Garden- Tomatoes, Potatoes, Beets, Garlic, Green Beans, Snap Peas, Corn, Carrots, Broccoli, cucumbers, eggplant, spinach, lettuce, turnips, variety squash, variety melons, variety of herbs
Animals- 24-36 Chickens- 2 milking goats- 6-12 other fowl
Plant 12-24 shade/wind break trees

Second Year
Make adjustments to rainwater catchment as needed
Waterwheel set up for Large Pond/Reservoir
Increase Garden according to what grew best in the 1st year, add/subtract new plants maintain last years plot size
Begin Hugelkulter Garden bed set up with most water thirsty plants
Add chickens as needed to supply 24 eggs a day- add 2 female goats- possibly add a calf or lamb if able to get a bummer from neighboring ranches butcher in fall- add as needed other fowl for food source
Creation of 8 acre hay field
Plant 6-10 fruit trees

Third Year
Rainwater catchment should be perfected and just need routine maintenance
Large Pond/Reservoir and Waterwheel should be maintaining well and need just routine maintenance
Garden will be expanded according to foods we can can easily to work towards self sufficiency
Huglekulture bed set up with most water thirsty plants
Fence off field area for large animals and repair horse barn
Chickens increased for maintenance of egg production and addition of ones to butcher
Add additional fowl for food source
Goat herd expanded to final size of 6 adult females and 1 adult male with kids to be traded/sold or butchered
Add calf or lamb if one is available as a bummer from local rancher- butcher by fall
Plans for a horse :)
Adjust hay/grass grown in field according to last seasons success
Plant 12-24 additional trees

Fourth Year
Maintain Rainwater catchment
Maintain ponds and waterwheels
Add a grass hay field near Large Pond/Reservoir
Continue working on garden and hugelkulture beds for best results for our family
Maintain animals adding only butcher for the year calf or lamb
Hay field should be working towards self seeding in the next few years

 The plan is that each year we will become more independent from having to purchase things from the store. It will take time and we will need to purchase staples like sugar, salt, flour always. I will be learning more in the next few years about canning and preserving so that I can take what will hopefully be abundant provision in the garden and keep it for the long winters.

Of course I know the first few years are going to be a lot of trial and error in all we try our hand at. Although I do think most things will come back from  my childhood memories in short order.

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