Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Tonight as we are getting ready for bed, I realized that in a few weeks bedtime routines will be a bit different.  Our plan is that each evening we will run the generator for a couple of hours. Fire it up at dusk, wash and dry a load of laundry, let the kids watch a movie, vacuum the floors, and whatever else we have going on that needs power. 
Once the sun is down and the generator is off the house will be quiet. Currently it seems there is noise noise and more noise with hyper-activity and chaos until everyone is headed to bed and even then there is noise, activity and chaos. The noise is in our house, outside, our downstairs neighbors, the cars driving by just a steady non-stop barrage of noise and activity.

Once moved that changes...

Entering a quiet zone... oh there is some noise. The neighbors cows, a few coyotes, and other sounds of nature. But once the generator goes off, there are none of the noises we are accustomed too. Chaos is fully self contained and activity will slow as we adjust to our quiet life.
One of the things I am looking forward to this winter, as we settle into our new home, off the grid, is beginning new traditions for bed time for the kids at home. It will be wonderful... 

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