Saturday, November 17, 2012



This spring we will be giving Hugelkulter a try. 

Paul Wheaton has a TON of info on his website and

Hugelkultur is fairly simple. You dig down or lay on the surface some logs. Then cover them up with top soil and plant your garden. If you click on the HUGULKULTUR link you can read all about it.

I am looking forward to trying this method. It promises to ease water use and with the drought conditions the last few years that would be a blessing. I have also read the use of hugelkultur beds could aid in the growth of trees. Again what a blessing that would be! To be able to get some awesome fruit trees growing and using half the water one would normally use? It gets me excited! We will find out soon! I am making one hugelkultur bed this spring. Depending on the wood I scavenge from the property will depend the size of the bed... 

Watch here for more to come in the next few months 

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